When shopping for a landscaping company, within a matter of moments, you'll be overwhelmed with a vast selection of thirsty landscapers eager for your business opportunity.

We at Beacon realize competition in our industry is high, while the barriers to enter are low.

Growing up I was led to understand that in order to be successful at anything one does, one must enjoy the process. Our passion for what we do is reflected in every member of the Beacon Team. You will find there is one characteristic we all share, we love what we do. We care about and take pride in every facet of our work. We want to make our clients happy and keep them from worrying about issues we are employed to manage. We want our community residents to be filled with a sense of pride to know they live in a beautifully kept community. Fundamentally, we want our work to make a difference in the lives of those who trust us with their investment.

Another attribute to our success is that we accept what we are not good at everything and recognize what we are the best at delivering. Over the years, through trial and error unfortunately, we have learned that our skills are best suited to a niche within our market. This niche is serving Residential Community Associations who rely and depend on our professionalism to deliver a service-orientated, turn-key service on their properties. What we offer is consistency, safety, professionalism and reliability, all at a fair price.

Over the years what we have developed that is unique to us is an efficient internal quality-control process which ensures that all of our properties are managed with the highest level of detail and attention year round. Team members are all trained, evaluated and assigned responsibilities based on what strengths they contribute to our team. Our centralized management system ensures that all levels of management are involved in every one of our communities reducing the exposure of human error to occur. When working with Beacon, you work with a team, you are not relying on any one team member. These aspects of Beacon and its structure is what allows us to cater well to a small market share of the $56 billion landscaping industry.

Like most landscaping companies, we could have employed a professional marketing company to write an attractive message convincing our market why to choose us. However as Owner of Beacon Landscaping I wanted to write this message because I truly believe in my team and their ability. I hold myself accountable for whatever mistake we may make along our journey. I would additionally like to welcome any potential client to meet with any of our existing account representatives so they may give you their own opinion on how we have served them over the years.

Minesh Patel Signature

Minesh Patel, Owner